what is die storage

While arranging your dies and die cutting hardware, you'll be looked with the test of finding the privilege hierarchical framework that works for you and actualizing that framework into your studio. Once your framework is set up, you'll have the capacity to keep a refreshed stock of what dies and die cutting gear you have. Ensure, store and arrange cutting dies with the Die Storage Case. You can utilize kitchen memo board for recollecting the things and day by day assignments.

Dies can truly make your making ventures one of a kind and extraordinary. The two most serious issues with die storage and association is recollecting what you have and after that discovering them.

Die Storage Pockets

These pockets arrive in an assortment of sizes - extraordinary for sorting out individual dies, die sets or stamp and die sets. Die Storage Pockets fit in the Desk Maid Die, Stamp and Supply Organizer.

Die Storage cases

There are a wide range of sorts of cases that you can use for die storage. This is beneficial for you particularly on the off chance that you require extensive storage space. The case basically holds up to 21 sheets. In the event that you need, move a sheet containing dies to your working surface and return it to the case later without an object. When you expel the storage sheets, you can utilize them in your decision storage container. That enables you to flip the sheets forward and backward, much the same as formula cards, till you get what you are searching for.